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Sven Engel

Sven Engel
CEO, CIO & Founder
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Biotechnologist, Clinical Researcher, 19 years of entrepreneurial experience, deep insight in the whole value chain of bio-pharmaceutical and medical product development, organization and software developer, visionary, and strategic thinking with the power to translate knowledge and information into products.

After his time with the German Air Force, Sven started his career in the biotechnology department of the former Hoechst AG. He was entrusted by his superiors with the construction of the first gene technology-oriented laboratory in this department and acquired the necessary knowledge of the techniques available at the time at the Department of Botany at the Ruhr University Bochum. Sven studied biotechnology part-time at the Paul-Ehrlich School in Frankfurt. In 1990, Sven moved to the clinical research department of the same company where he remained until 1998, only interrupted by 3 years in international marketing. During this time, Sven was involved in numerous international research projects. At the same time, Sven founded an advertising agency with the aim of gaining practical experience in entrepreneurial activities and intensifying his knowledge of computers. This company operated successfully until 1998 but was abandoned in the course of the changed interest situation and the necessary investments. In 1999, Sven initiated the founding of a CRO, which was economically successful and generated sales of up to 3.5 million euros p.a. with an average of 15 employees. During this time, Sven was, in addition to his entrepreneurial responsibility, active in important customer projects in managerial functions. Sven's already existing interest in the information technology gave already in 1999, the impulse to initiate the development of the management system for clinical studies EasyClin©, which led to the foundation of SynapCon Ltd. in 2006. Today, Sven is engaged in the development of business and organisational models for the use of artificial intelligence and the effective use of modern IT in medical product development. Sven is the founder and senior executive of SynapCon Ltd. (Birmingham, Wiesbaden).

Specialty CEO, CIO & Founder
Degrees Biotechnician (BT)
Training Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis in iis qui facit eorum claritatem investigationes demonstraverunt lectores legere me lius.
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