Birmingham, United Kingdom

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CEO, CIO & Founder of SynapCon Ltd.

Biotechnologist, Clinical Researcher, 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, deep insight in the whole value chain of bio-pharmaceutical and medical product development, organisation and software developer, visionary and strategic thinking with the power to translate knowledge and information into products.

HR Manager SynapCon Group

Head Talent Acquisition & Development, MBA (International Marketing) & Business Coach (DBVC), 17 years experience in the search, selection and development of specialist and executive staff in the life science industry, Founder and CEO of PHARECON (executive search company with life science focus in Europe).

COO of SynapCon Ltd.

Entrepreneur, Economist, Physical Therapist, +10 years entrepreneurial experience, +9 years of experience in health care and physical training optimisation. Active project management & lean software development, for videoconferencing and calendar tools in digital healthcare. Developer of the first and only independently audited B2C videoconferencing platform for doctors & physician in Germany, in accordance with GDPR standards and federal medical association videoconferencing conditions.

CFO and co-founder of SynapCon Ltd., founder of Schulz&Löw Consulting

Business economist, controller and IT specialist with extensive experience in the implementation and development of business management software. Joachim works as an interim financial manager for a listed US company.