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About us

SynapCon(c) develops advanced technologies and business models with a clear focus on accelerating the clinical development of drugs and medical devices, making products available to patients more quickly and reducing the burden on healthcare systems in the long term.

Following the founding idea of SynapCon, we focused on the development and marketing of outstanding IT solutions.

Our products are developed in collaboration with excellent development teams and specialists.

In close cooperation with our customers and many other market players, we are working to realize our common vision of providing optimal and affordable medical care worldwide.

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Shorten your clinical research processes by using our CTMS system EasyClin(c), the eTMF will convince you and the optional eISF will inspire your study centers. Sign up for a demonstration today (sales(at)synapcon.com).

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EasyISF - the perfect option to reduce the on-site work

Reduce the number of on-site visits and meetings in your clinical research studies.

For more information and registration for free, follow this link: https://synapcon.com/study-site-selection/

The Clinical Trial Feasibility study evaluates the possibility of conducting a particular clinical program / trial in a particular geographical region with the overall objective of optimum project completion in terms of study site competencies, patient population, timelines, targets and cost.

Only the harmonious interaction of professional expertise combined with outstanding skills in technical development creates the prerequisites for creating complex architectures.

Our vision

A digital health approach that makes a difference for all stakeholders (including patients, doctors & payers) by IT powered management of drug and medical device development. It is our vision to innovate the clinical trials world through disrupting outdated processes and organizational structures.

Our innovative solutions optimize the interfaces between patient data, clinics and the industry that develops drugs and medical devices.
This includes the implementation of our digital solutions and coordinated consulting to optimize your processes.
You benefit from our market knowledge of the entire medical value chain.
Our goal is to provide our customers with profitable advantages from the current challenges of the market.
Our commitment and technical expertise helps shorten development cycles to ensure faster patient care and reduce development costs to make innovative medicines affordable.

Better data for better health!

Target Market

Diagnostics & medical device companies 
Pharmaceutical companies
Biotechnology companies
Clinical Study Sites
Contract Research Organisations

Target Market

Institutions, patient organizations, charities and researching hospitals
Diagnostics & medical device companies 
Pharmaceutical companies
Biotechnology companies
Service Providers

A digital health approach that makes a difference for all stakeholders (including patients, doctors & payers) by IT powered management of drug and medical device development. It is our vision to innovate the clinical trials world through disrupting outdated processes and organizational structures.

Change the game – use software solutions to perform clinical research projects more efficiently then ever before.

Our business model combines innovative IT product solutions and related consultancy support implemented by a lean organization built of IT-affine, curious, entrepreneurial, self responsible people & supported by our competitive FIDAS strategy.

Competitive Advantage

Cutting-edge solutions through new thinking

Focused│Integrated│Digitised│Automatised│Specialised (FIDAS)

Our proprietary IT systems:  EasyClin© & CLiNSTORM©

Use our EU-GDPR compliant videoconferencing system to reduce the number of patient visits in your clinical research projects

Competitive Advantage

Our unique approach of Rethinking Clinical Research Operations

Automatised│Specialised (FIDAS)

Our proprietary IT systems:  EasyClin© & CLiNSTORM© (artificial intelligence based solution in development )

Our services

SynapCon Group develops new ways to set standards in clinical research through digital transformation.

easyTMF, future-proof clinical trial document management based on 20 years of experience

“Increasing time and cost efficiency in clinical trials while ensuring fully compliant quality has become more important than ever.” clinical project manager, mid-size CRO

easyTMF is intuitive and easy-to-use meeting the daily demands of a clinical trial. Our setup services include training, SOP support and regulatory consulting.

Your study will be inspection-ready at any time and auditors can access all documents and date from remote.

The system ensures full regulatory compliance with EU-GDPR, US 21CFR Part 11 and ICH-GCP E6 R2.

We offer either on-premise or cloud-based installations and special payment options to meet your budget and cashflow requirements.

For more information please click here.

Feb21028-2021 Biotechnology Awards Winners Logo
Best Clinical Trial Management System 2021
GHP Clinical Research Innovation Excellence Award 2021

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The easyTMF project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 691546

EasyFeasibility is the first independent study site network for clinical trials

The EasyFeasibility platform offers sponsors and CROs a simple and cost-effective way to evaluate the feasibility of clinical projects at study centres worldwide and to recruit investigators for their clinical trials. Registration only takes a few minutes. Afterwards users can search our network for suitable partners for their trial and easily connect, while remaining GDPR compliant.

Sign up for free and find out more here.

The EasyClin(c) project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under grant Agreement No 691546

Our unique approach of Rethinking Clinical Research Operations is to build IT systems to further increase innovation within the clinical research market.

The investigator-friendly solution to share documents with the sponsor

Reduce the effort for monitoring visits and the burden for the study assistance. The commissioning can be ordered by the study sponsor at no cost to the study centre.

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The EasyISF solution is ideal to reduce the manual workload in studies, for both clinical staff and sponsors’ representatives

We provide consultancy in all areas to make your organisation clinical trial ready

The perfect technology can only show its full strength in the interaction of all those involved. Our technical offers are always characterised by an integrated approach and a view of your entire value chain. Since technology is standardised in such a highly regulated environment, you should take a detailed look at the organisational structures and qualifications of your employees and consider appropriate organisational and qualification measures.

Only in this way can the perfect transition from paper-analogue studies to IT-supported studies succeed with the preparation of the organisation for future fully digital projects.

We offer our consulting services for small companies (up to 50 employees) to create meaningful structures and qualifications for the upcoming clinical phases in advance, but also for fast-growing companies (50 – 350 employees) whose organisational structures are exposed to high stress and cannot withstand the demands of organising clinical trials (clinical readiness).

A principal element in the latter is a professional, holistic health check. Not only, but especially for this, we are pleased to win the experienced consulting company “Breitenstein Consulting” (here) as a partner.

With this offer and our technologies, we hope to contribute to making your biotechnologies, medical technologies, diagnostics, and medical applications available to patients more quickly and to contribute to the recovery of health systems.

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We help companies evolve within the complex healthcare environment. Our team of professionals supports companies in their development from a clinical, financial and entrepreneurial point of view.
We provide consultancy practice within the health market, finance and business arena

Success is at the heart of every project. We are committed to being a pillar of your success at all levels. Our unique approach is supporting our customers  rethinking the Clinical Research approach by combining the latest IT solutions with clinical operations services to improve the value chains. This hybrid model ultimately forms the SynapCon Group’s innovative approach called CROIT (Clinical Research Operations Information Technology).

We help companies evolve within the complex healthcare environment. Our team of professionals supports companies in their development from a clinical, financial and entrepreneurial point of view.

Driving innovation through proprietary IT systems

We operate as a “Clinical Research Organization” (CRO) which optimizes interfaces between patient data, clinics and industry developing drugs and medical devices. Our mission is to implement a CRO 4.0, based on a novel organizational structure and digital technologies. Our goals are: taking profitable advantages out of current challenges in the CRO market to generate values, shortening development cycles to ensure faster patient care and reducing development costs to make innovative medicine affordable.

Our unique approach of Rethinking Clinical Research Operations (CROs) is to build IT systems to further increase innovation within the clinical research market.

Efficently manage clinical research studies

Our Software solutions reduce the number of platforms in clinical research and, consequently, the costs of validating interfaces, maintenance, support and training. Our software reduces the time to market and extends the patent-protected marketing of your products. We always keep our eyes on the patients, providing people with a faster access to life-saving medical products is a driving force and shapes our actions.

EasyClin© is a newly designed platform and cost-effective software solution for your clinical research projects. Following the successful release of our application to conduct clinical feasibility studies, we are pleased to welcome you to our Management System today. This system (and today it will gain access to the important area of document management) will in future be the core of your study communication. The type of access and availability are based on the social networks in the future. The authorization management fulfills the highest requirements also from the side of the regulators. Our three-way staggered hybrid model grows to meet your needs. Take care of the essentials, leave the rest to technology.

EasyClin provides an integrated and regulatory compliant platform to effectively and efficiently manage clinical research studies supported by the European Commission.

CLiNSTORM triples clinical research cost effciency and speed

CLiNSTORM©’s core business is delivering a smart and low cost cloud-client based solution for organizations to manage their clinical trials of medical devices, diagnostics and biopharmaceutics.

CLiNSTORM© is the brand of the organization as well as the name for the comprehensive solution offered. As the brand name suggests CLiNSTORM© will take the market by storm. This enabled by its revolutionary business model by being the first business within the clinical research industry that lets the customer pay by what they use; pay pro data point.

The CLiNSTORM© solution looks to meet the need of this target group of delivering a very scalable low cost solution.

Executive Team

SynapCon is managed by a highly experienced team, with offices throughout Europe and a global network of clients.
CEO, CIO & Founder

Biotechnologist, Clinical Researcher, 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, deep insight in the whole value chain of bio-pharmaceutical and medical product development, organisation and software developer, visionary and strategic thinking with the power to translate knowledge and information into products.

HR Manager SynapCon Group

Head Talent Acquisition & Development, MBA (International Marketing) & Business Coach (DBVC), 17 years' experience in the search, selection and development of specialist and executive staff in the life science industry, Founder and CEO of PHARECON (executive search company with life science focus in Europe).


Founder & CEO Breitenstein Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, MBA Organizational Development Fokus: Business Transformation, Change-Management, Leadership Excellence


CEO Breitenstein Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, coach, mediator, human resources manager, special fields: Human resources, management development, organizational development

Corporate Development

Dipl.-Betriebswirt, special fields: Corporate strategy & cooperation, marketing & sales, investor search

Aifinity and SynapCon agree to form a joint venture to jointly develop the artificial intelligence based application CLiNSTORM© to automate clinical research processes.


Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR)

Initially the new MDR was scheduled to come in force on 26 May 2020. The transition period was extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will now come into force in May 2021. There will not be another transitional period.
As a response manufacturer of medical devices for sale within the EU must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure their products are safe to use. This change will make clinical trials a necessity for many manufacturers.
That´s where we help. Our technology enables SMEs in the medical device sector to anticipate the technology of the “big players” at an unparalleled price-performance ratio. Find out more on how we can help your business get through these changes successfully by contacting sales@synapcon.com.

EasyFeasibility© available for free registration

Our product EasyFeasibility© (https://www.synapcon.com/study-site-selection) is available globally. Hundreds of sponsors, study sites and investigators can vouch for the high value of using platform-based feasibility solutions. Registration on EasyFeasibility© is free for sponsors, study sites and investigators.

New EasyTMF© released

SynapCon launches the next generation of its completely redesigned Clinical Trial Management System EasyClin©. The long-awaited re-release of EasyClin© is finally here and offers updated functionalities in EasyTMF©, our GDPR compliant electronic Trial Master File.

Distribution Partners wanted

SynapCon is looking to further expand its partner network within the European market. We offer above average commissions for sales professional and distributors. To find out more please contact our team at sales@synapcon.com.
Currently we are looking for sales partners in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Investment Opportunities

SynapCon’s´ revolutionary approach to efficient software solutions for clinical trial management to enable faster drug development is capturing the attention of investors worldwide.

Speak to us today about the opportunities available.

Site Feasibility and Clinical Trial Management

Our feasibility platform radically simplifies feasibility studies, by simplifying the process of site selection for sponsors, contract research organization, investigators, and study sites.

Our Clinical Trial Management software systems (CTMS) design, based on more than 20 years´ of experience in client trials, provides our clients with the peace of mind that their clinical trial will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently, conform with EU-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and ICH GCP (Good Clinical Practice). ​

Our newest developments will implement AI-assistance for site feasibility and clinical trial management.

Expert management

Our senior management team has more than 30 years’ experience in software development as well as practical experience in clinical trial management and drug development.

Explosive Demand

Software solutions in clinical trial management and drug development are one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with demand set to grow at a CAGR of 13% until 2025.


Global Expansion

Our client network spans from North America, Europe, to Japan and we are actively expanding to more locations around the world.

Who we are looking for

Ideally, you are already invested in the medical field and have the expertise to make an appropriate investment decision. Your organization possesses a broad network in life sciences, ideally in clinical trials and pharma.
You have sufficient capital to support a project of this size over several funding rounds. You actively support us in the search for further investors to accelerate the global expansion of our business.

We kindly ask business angels to refrain from contacting us.

A market analysis commissioned by the SynapCon Group from Critical Future clearly shows the enormous potential of our company.
The full presentation (133 pages) and a complete short version of our investment brochure is available on request info(at)synapcon.com.